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Aitch Tee Vee

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Holby.tv/htv/aitchteevee/h.tv, whatever you'd like to call it is a bit of an institution among fans of the BBC dramas of Holby City and Casualty. The forum itself is a popular, well moderated and friendly community for fans to post and talk about the shows, as well as detailed information, spoilers, and guides about the shows themselves.

As well as forums for Cas and HC, there are also a variety of others such as 'Chit Chat' where members can debate wide ranging topics, 'Friends' where members can ask for, and recieve well thought out advice and Entertainment forums spanning many interests.

Recently, the community has expanded to include forums for other medical dramas, The Bill and Lost to cater for the shows fans, ensuring that like-minded people have a home to discuss their favourite programmes.

A lot of the members of htv have livejournals and use them as a way to keep in touch with friends they would otherwise probably not have met had it not been for htv. Aitchteevee is simply a fangirly appreciation of htv and a place where members can talk to their friends and discover who else has an LJ :)

Please copy and paste everything in the box if you want to make an introduction post :)

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